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VIDEO: Harrier crash-lands in Kandahar

A Royal Air Force Harrier pilot safely ejects after crash-landing at Kandahar, Afghanistan, last year on 15 May in this clip posted on YouTube earlier this week.Initial reports in the UK press that the Harrier’s undercarriage failed to lower are clearly incorrect. I’m not a crash forensic expert. Does anyone know why the Harrier crashed?

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US Navy wants rockets for ‘Hogs and Harriers

How about A-10s and AV-8Bs firing 2.75-in, precision-guided rockets!The US Navy posted this presolicitation notice on the fbo.gov web site earlier this week. Apparently, the US Air Force or Air National Guard is also on board, hence the A-10s. Naval Air Systems Command (NAVAIR) intends to award a sole sourcecontract to BAE Systems, Nashua, NH […]

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