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Humidity and the B-2, in hindsight

Now we know: the humidity of Guam is not merely unpleasant for transplanted, mainland Americans, but actually fatal for $1.4 billion stealth bombers (yet, thankfully, not their crews). I checked the literature, and perhaps we all should have paid more attention to this paragraph in a General Accounting Office report, dated August 1997. Testing indicated […]

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Bomb’s (not quite yet) away!

Very big bombs — like the 10-ton Massive Ordnance Air Blast (MOAB) and the 15-ton Massive Ordnance Penetrator (MOP) — are back in style after about a 60-year hiatus. Not since the days of Barnes Wallis and his famous Grand Slam have munitions makers been so focused on things that go boom, sans mushroom cloud. […]

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The B-2 bomber meets … Balenciaga?

A bureaucracy that still smarts over revelations of $600 toilet seats and $1,000 hammers should be more careful than to spend $533,331 on a contract listed only as “B-2 accessories”. I know about this contract because of last week’s post about the ongoing competition for the Flexible Acquisition Sustainment Tool follow-on (F2AST) program. This is […]

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CBO budget forecast: An allegorical interpretation

The Congressional Budget Office’s report out today summarizing long-term defense spending plans should be read a bit like a Lewis Carroll novel: Don’t take anything too literally and just have fun spotting all the hidden meanings. Here’s what I found: 1) The USAF has dumbed-down requirements for the long-range strike aircraft from the B-2 to […]

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