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Wikipedia as defense industry propaganda tool

A co-worker showed me a neat trick last week: how to look up who has written what on Wikipedia! Could I use this new tool to discover whether defense contractors use Wikipedia to spread propaganda about their products, or, alternatively, to trash their rivals? The answer, as you’ll see, is definitely yes! Here’s how it […]

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October racing

I know this is primarily a defense industry blog, but I can’t help it: this 787 vs A380 race is going to be a hoot, folks. Yesterday, Singapore Airlines confirmed finally that it will operate the first flight of the A380 superjumbo on October 25. The 787 first flight was supposed to be August, then […]

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New contest: Name the top 5 military aviation headlines of 2017

This contest is inspired by a similar question posed to Richard Aboulafia on Flightblogger. The challenge: name the top 5 military aviation headlines of 2017. If you’d rather not post your name, feel free to email me with your contributions at stephen.trimble@flightglobal.com. To get the ball rolling, here’s my Top 5: 1. Airbus named Alabama’s […]

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A tale of two tankers

Nothing says “class” like riding to Seattle on a Boeing Business Jet to cover a KC-767 rally (see photo below), with the movie “Talledega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby” on both widescreens. Yet, the movie’s paean to jingoistic-hick car racing culture meant more to me than mere slapstick; indeed, it was allegory, emulating the […]

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The X-45N is dead; Long live the X-45!

Lots of angst has been spilled this week on the pages of the trade and mainstream press over the sad fate of the Boeing X-45N. This navalized variant certainly suffered a blow by losing the US Navy’s UCAS-D contract to its longtime rival — the Northrop Grumman X-47B. But don’t fret. Multi-billion dollar military technology […]

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What the heck do I know?

Even though some dumb jerk recently predicted a Boeing victory, the US Navy has selected the Northrop Grumman X-47B for the $635 million prize of the UCAS-D contract. Gee, I bet that guy feels silly now. Pardon me a moment to wipe some egg off my keyboard. That’s better. Anyway, the end result is a […]

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Newsflash: Boeing wins contract; nobody protests

Once upon a time (read: 2006), defense contractors didn’t file legal challenges against their biggest customer on contract decisions even if they KNEW there was wrongdoing involved. (Lockheed Martin’s loss of the original Small Diameter Bomb competition in 2003 comes to mind.) But all that changed after GAO upheld the first CSAR-X protest last January. […]

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Boeing’s Predicts …

Boeing today has released its latest current market outlook for civil airliners, predicting again that air traffic growth should far out-pace the world’s economic growth. (China: Boeing says “thank you”.) Read it here. And Randy Tinseth’s Paris Air Show briefing here.

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Paul Richfield’s Big Scoop on BAMS

Paul Richfield’s Big Scoop on BAMS Props to my competitor Paul Richfield, editor of C4ISR Journal, for scooping us on BAMS in this month’s issue. Richfield got Boeing to publicly acknowledge that it will partner with Gulfstream to offer the G550 business jet as optionally manned/unmanned aircraft for the US Navy’s BAMS program. (BAMS=Broad Area […]

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