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Joe Biden, Ted Kennedy and the C-5A’s last stand

For the past five years, the Lockheed Martin C-5A’s survival as an operational fleet has depended mainly on political intervention from two US senators — Joe Biden and Ted Kennedy. Biden, now the Democrats’ nominee for vice president, hosts the 436th Military Airlift Wing, which includes a composite C-5A/B squadron, in his home state of […]

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Boeing’s worst nightmare: President John S. McCain? (Part 1)

In what could become an entertaining series for The DEW Line over the next few months, John McCain’s well-chronicled antipathy towards a certain major defense contractor will be — hopefully — illuminated. Our first specimen comes from the keyboard of Gordon Adams, American University professor and noted national security expert, who has analyzed the defense […]

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Typo alert: C-130 masquerades as C-17

Note to US Department of Defense: Contrary to today’s photo gallery captions on defenselink.mil, an airframe sporting a high T-tail, four turbofans and a massive fuselage is usually not associated with the Lockheed Martin C-130.

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The A400M plot thickens

In case you needed re-assurance that the Airbus A400M is going to be a major player in the US military transport market, EADS last month posted the following chart on its web site: So EADS projects selling more than 400 A400Ms in North America! Subtract 20 or 30 for Canada, and that still leaves a […]

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Is McCain taking aim at the C-17?

Andrea Shalal-Esa, of Reuters, reports today: The Pentagon’s internal watchdog is examining if the Air Force and Boeing Co had inappropriate contacts about a multi-billion dollar push to buy more C-17 transport planes, a source familiar with the matter told Reuters on Thursday. The review follows a request by Arizona Sen. John McCain, a Republican […]

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New contest: Name the top 5 military aviation headlines of 2017

This contest is inspired by a similar question posed to Richard Aboulafia on Flightblogger. The challenge: name the top 5 military aviation headlines of 2017. If you’d rather not post your name, feel free to email me with your contributions at stephen.trimble@flightglobal.com. To get the ball rolling, here’s my Top 5: 1. Airbus named Alabama’s […]

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