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PHOTO: Skunk Works reveals composite cargo X-plane

Illustration courtesy of Lockheed Martin/Skunk Works The most important thing about Skunk Works’ latest X-plane — the Advanced Composite Cargo Aircraft (ACCA) — is its raw material. The fact that ACCA is a cargo aircraft is secondary. The modified Fairchild Dornier 328Jet is really a flying laboratory for a new type of out-of-autoclave composite material, […]

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Aero India: Embraer reveals C-390 3-view, cockpit, design req’s

Flight’s Andrew Doyle is in Bangalore and this is all he sends me: C-390 pics! (Okay, that’s really all I wanted anyway.)These Embraer slides shows the dramatic evolution of their jet-powered C-130 replacement concept from relatively simple E190 spin-off to a virtually all-new aircraft with perhaps a common cockpit. And are those CFM56 turbofans under […]

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Airbus A400M’s Clay Aiken moment

In case you missed it, pop singer Clay Aiken has confirmed he’s not straight. This would have ranked as the biggest non-surprise news story of the week until this morning, when Airbus confirmed that first flight of the A400M will be “postponed”. Airbus blamed the delay on the continuing non-availability of the TP400 turboprop engine. […]

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Joe Biden, Ted Kennedy and the C-5A’s last stand

For the past five years, the Lockheed Martin C-5A’s survival as an operational fleet has depended mainly on political intervention from two US senators — Joe Biden and Ted Kennedy. Biden, now the Democrats’ nominee for vice president, hosts the 436th Military Airlift Wing, which includes a composite C-5A/B squadron, in his home state of […]

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