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How to make a Chinook out-run an Osprey

The US Army wants helicopters to go faster. We don’t know yet if army is willing or able to pay for that extra speed, but the desire is certainly there. Look around the exhibit hall of the Association of the United States Army’s (AUSA) annual convention earlier this week, and the evidence was everywhere. On […]

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Who’s right: Sole-source to Sikorsky or competition for CVLSP?

The US Air Force is about to make a decision involving a controversial acquisition strategy affecting a domestic versus foreign aircraft competition, but it’s not about the KC-X tanker contract.This one is called the common vertical lift support platform (CVLSP), which will replace the Bell Helicopter UH-1s owned by Global Strike Command.There are five known […]

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Forecast predicts a rotorcraft revival

[Quick note: Thanks for everyone's patience, understanding and condolences over the past week. You guys -- and all of you seem to be guys, by the way -- have been so supportive. Now, it's back to the grind!] Can the US military rotorcraft industry build anything besides the UH-60 Black Hawk, AH-64 Apache or CH-47 […]

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Patent alert: Chinook augmented by vectored thrusters

How do you make a CH-47 Chinook cruise at 250-knots? Vectored thrusters!  Piasecki Aircraft, the Chinook’s legacy inventor, has filed a patent application for this unusual Chinook configuration. Two ducted fans, with differential pitch propellers and horizontal vanes, are attached to each side of the CH-47 fuselage. Thrust generated by the fans can be vectored […]

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CSAR and Chinook rotor downwash

Rotor & Wing columnist Giovanni di Briganti argues this week the CH-47 is “unsuited for the combat search and rescue mission”, citing the Oxford coroner’s report in October that blamed the Chinook’s downwash for indirectly killing a paratrooper waiting to be rescued in a minefield. An excerpt: In this instance, the downwash from an RAF […]

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Has the Chinook met its FATE?

The first Boeing CH-47, a 33,000lb machine powered by two 1,640shp Lycoming (now Honeywell) T55 engines, achieved first flight on Sept. 21, 1961. Nearly 47 years and seven major upgrades later, the CH-47F and MH-47G has doubled in weight to 50,000lb, while the engine shaft horsepower rating has tripled with introduction of the 4,868shp T55-GA-714 […]

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