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Another Chinese fighter breaks cover

Our good friend and Singapore-based colleague Greg Waldron filed a story this morning about the emergence of another new Chinese combat aircraft, which appears to pull together design features from both the Lockheed Martin F-22 Raptor and F-35 Joint Strike Fighter; although that of course could be entirely coincidental. Shenyang’s product is referred to with a […]

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VIDEO: Taihang-equipped J-10B! Also starring: J-20 and JF-17

We bring you the latest video to surface from the world’s least-secured runway for officially classified, experimental military jets. (Pssst: Hey, AVIC! Seriously, it’s like you’re not even trying now. It was almost more fun when you tried to keep this stuff hidden. Geez, when did China become the world’s most transparent military about new […]

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‘Not a pound for air-to-ground’: Inside the J-20 weapons bay

UPDATE: Stand down! Looks like this one is more of a toy than a representative model. Apologies for the rush to judgment!It appears the Chengdu J-20 may be an eight-shooter: six PL-12s in the main internal bay and one PL-9 in each of two side weapon bays. In non-stealthy mode, the J-20 may also carry […]

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Chinese media reveal the Wizard of Chengdu

Legacies of successful combat aircraft designs are almost always founded by individuals. Russia had Mikhail Simonov. The United Kingdom had Sydney Camm. The United States had Kelly Johnson and Ed Heineman. But who is the face of Chinese fighter jet design? Until recently, Simonov, the father of the Su-27, would have been a good choice, […]

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VIDEO: J-20 dumps fuel over Chengdu

Question: Where can a Chinese stealth fighter dump fuel apparently for test purposes? a) At high altitude and away from populated areas to ensure the fuel atomizes before it hits the ground b) Anywhere it darn well pleases The correct answer is b. Thank you for playing.

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PICTURES: J-20 spotters still alive and well in China

Video of J-20 completing fourth flight:It’s been an incredible week to be an aviation journalist. We’ve seen black helicopters, new surveillance aircraft, first flight of the Su-35S, first flight of the Phantom Ray, the F-35 and F-22 in formation and, now, the third and fourth flights of the Chengdu J-20 stealth fighter. To top it […]

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Another scary thought about what China’s J-20 means

First, some good news: The Global Times quoted a senior Chinese air force officer last week saying the Chengdu J-20 is still a research project and it’s “difficult to say” when the theorized stealth interceptor would be ready for combat.Not-so-good news: The RAND think-tank yesterday published an analysis concluding the J-20 exposes the fundamental problem […]

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J-20: China’s ultimate aircraft carrier-killer?

It’s been nearly one month since first flight of the Chengdu J-20, but we still know so little about the aircraft. China’s air force — the PLAAF — has remained surprisingly mum on an aircraft they were so willing to flaunt on a Chengu runway for nearly three weeks. We still don’t know if the […]

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J-20: Even better than the real thing

The J-20 is real. I tip my hat to Bill Sweetman. New photos on the Chinese Web this morning showing the J-20 preparing for high-speed taxi tests on 22 December are convincing – even to this former skeptic. Moreover, the usually definitive Top 81 site has finally updated its listing on the J-20 with the […]

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J-20 photos: Fake alert or real thing?

My friend Bill Sweetman has forgotten more about military aviation than is Google-able, and he accepts new images of the J-20 — apparently snapped from the fenceline at the surprisingly accessible Chengdu aircraft factory — as factual reality. He might be right. But I’m still skeptical. It’s that inexplicably over-sized red star — which, to […]

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