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Kill the AWACS, J-STARS fleets, ex-SECAF says

The era of the E-3 AWACS, the E-8C J-STARS and — presumably — RC-135 Rivet Joint may be over. Fifth-generation fighters are not only more survivable against a sophisticated opponent, they also have better sensors than the US Air Force’s best dedicated air- and ground-warning systems. Anything larger than an F-35 or F-22 should be […]

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JSTARS goes to Korea

I’m not a betting man, but I’d be happy to offer a wager today. Somewhere inside Northrop Grumman, someone this morning is busy updating briefing charts that make the case for re-engining and upgrading the sensor on the E-8C Joint Surveillance Target Attack Radar System (JSTARS).That’s because various South Korean and British press outlets are […]

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VIDEO: Boeing unveils P-8 variant to replace JSTARS

Boeing wins the award for ‘surprise product unveiling’ at this year’s Air Warfare Symposium. I give you the P-8 airborne ground surveillance (AGS) variant, which Boeing is pitching to replace the E-8C JSTARS. (To see what Northrop Grumman has to say about that, read my full story.)The P-8 AGS mural above includes the first image […]

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