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Super Hornet price tag spiraling … downward?

Photo: Boeing Five billion dollar paydays are rare even for a US defense contractor, so Boeing is probably feeling pretty good today. The US Navy yesterday gave $5.3 billion to Boeing to build 124 F/A-18E/Fs and EA-18Gs over the next five years. That’s not quite as good as Lockheed Martin’s agreement last week on LRIP-4 […]

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EADS UH-72 shows how ‘green fields’ can work

The US Army received its 100th UH-72 Lakota yesterday with an atypically lavish delivery ceremony. Dignitaries gathered inside the EADS North America hangar on the outskirts of Columbus, Mississippi, included Governor Haley Barber and even his wife. A real Lakota Indian chief attended (er, with apologies to General Custer), and he fully endorsed his tribe’s […]

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Caesar betrayed by an acronym

Et tu, Raytheon?The defense contractor intentionally misspelled a would-be namesake to make the acronym work for a new pod (pictured above) for unmanned aircraft systems. So Caesar, the Roman emperor/murder victim, became CEASAR, short for communications electronic attack with surveillance and reconnaissance. The pod, unveiled yesterday at the Association of Old Crows convention, re-packages the […]

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Boeing predicts up to 30 more EA-18G orders

A Boeing executive today predicted the US Navy could buy 26 to 30 EA-18Gs more than the 88 already in the budget, potentially addressing a shortfall created by the US Air Force 12 years ago. For several years, the US Navy’s Northrop Grumman EA-6B Prowlers have been pulling double-duty. The EA-6B serves primarily as the […]

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FY10 Budget: 13 fewer Super Hornets, 2 more Growlers

The Pentagon announced 31 F/A-18s were inserted in the FY10 budget, but this disguised major changes in the procurement profile for both F/A-18E/F Super Hornets and EA-18G Growlers.The FY10 proposal includes eight F/A-18Es, one F/A-18F and 22 EA-18Gs, for a total of 31. That compares to the USN’s baseline plan to buy a total of […]

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Oz to convert 12 Super Hornets to Growlers

Okay, the Aussies are not buying new Super Hornets nor Growlers. But they are proposing to spend AUS$335 million to convert 12 of the 24 F/A-18 Super Hornets already on order to the EA-18G Growler standard. “If finally pursued, the relatively small investment will significantly enhance the Super Hornet’s capability, by giving electronic attack capacity […]

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Growler Power: EA-18G boasts F-22 kill (PHOTOS)

Today was Electronic Awareness Warfare Appreciation Day at Andrews AFB. The base hosted a sort of petting zoo for high-tech jamming systems. I noticed a Boeing EA-18G parked on the side, and struck up a conversation with the pilot.As we chatted about interference cancellation systems, I couldn’t help but notice an odd decal decorating the […]

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Aero India: Boeing raises “Growler Lite” idea

What do you call an EA-18G Growler without a jammer? a) Growl-lessb) Meowlerc) Growler LiteBoeing is going with option C. As my colleague Andrew Doyle exclusively reveals from Bangalore today, Boeing is proposing the Growler Lite for certain export customers that won’t be allowed to buy the ALQ-99 jamming pod.The details are still sketchy, but […]

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EXCLUSIVE: Northrop Grumman’s internal F/A-18 forecast (part 1)

An internal Northrop Grumman presentation inadvertently posted on the public Internet provides a rare glimpse of the F/A-18 program’s current manufacturing challenges and sales prospects over the next decade.A cached snapshot of the 53-page presentation, dated 12 March 2008, has been preserved by the Google search engine on this web site: (WARNING: Link contains […]

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Sneak-peek at Flight’s latest cutaway: EA-18G

I’m proud to show off the latest of Flight’s famous aircraft cutaway drawings by our staff artist, Joe Picarella. The full-scale poster of the Boeing EA-18G can be found in the Farnborough Air Show special report in this week’s issue. John Croft’s excellent technical description that accompanies Joe’s drawing is a must-read. Since it borrows […]

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