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Boeing predicts up to 30 more EA-18G orders

A Boeing executive today predicted the US Navy could buy 26 to 30 EA-18Gs more than the 88 already in the budget, potentially addressing a shortfall created by the US Air Force 12 years ago. For several years, the US Navy’s Northrop Grumman EA-6B Prowlers have been pulling double-duty. The EA-6B serves primarily as the […]

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EW makes a comeback — again

Six years after the airborne electronic attack system of systems (AEA SOS) concept really got started — and nearly three years after most of that grandiose strategy fell apart — electronic warfare (EW) is back on the drawing boards. The first draft of a new investment strategy based on a capabilities-based assessment now in progress […]

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VIDEO: airborne electronic attack in action

Enjoy this high-quality video animation. The video portrays the US Air Force’s future airborne electronic attack strategy in action, even if the USAF’s leadership has abandoned most of the acquisition programs involved. The story goes like this: US solider spots approaching tank on terrain vaguely resembling Iran. He wants to call in an airstrike by […]

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