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Saab says ECA; who they?

I was intrigued to see that ECA Program (you might remember them as the Amsterdam-based company which is looking to raise funds to buy a dazzling array of combat aircraft from places like China, Israel, Russia and Sweden to deliver an aggressor training service for NATO air forces) now has its own ‘Air Power Blog’. […]

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Could Israel’s Lavi project be revived?

From the “curiouser and curiouser” files: an update on ECA Program’s pitch to provide an Integrated Opposing Force (IOPFOR) capability to support fighter pilot training for NATO nations. The Amsterdam-based outfit issued a press release while I was away on leave, announcing its overdue selection of a candidate aircraft to deliver the proposed future aggressor […]

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The aggressor’s pitch

It was a close call for me on whether to run a story about a proposed aggressor fleet being pitched in support of future fighter pilot training by NATO nations on Flightglobal earlier this week, and also in the new issue of Flight International. You can see the article in full here. ECA Program boss […]

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