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Hawker Beechcraft spent over $100 million on what?!

In one of the more perplexing turns we’ve witnessed on the defence beat, the US Air Force has apparently dismissed the Hawker Beechcraft AT-6 from consideration for the light air support (LAS) programme several months after receiving the company’s bid and only days before a scheduled contract award. And we don’t know why. Beechcraft says […]

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AT6 runway credit USAF.jpg

Is Hawker Beechcraft an American company?

Loren Thompson argues in a blog last week there are two competitors for the US Air Force contract for a light attack armed reconnaissance (LAAR) aircraft: “An American plane made by Hawker Beechcraft designated the AT-6, and a Brazilian plane made by Embraer designated the EMB-314.”This is a bad thing, according to Thompson. “The fact […]

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VIDEO: Super Tucano on takeoff

Embraer has released video showing a critical moment of the Super Tucano’s recent demonstration to the US Air Force. As Embraer competes against the Hawker Beechcraft AT-6 for a USAF contract, the Super Tucano showed that it can take off from a dirt strip — and bounce over a criss-crossing concrete runway. The demonstration was […]

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Video and photos from India AEW&C roll-out

No thanks to some serious airline cancellations, diversions and delays, I made it to Brazil just a few hours before the scheduled roll-out of the ERJ-145 airborne early warning and control platform (AEW&C) for the Indian air force. Here’s video of the big moment when the curtain fell.India will install the Centre for Airborne Surveillance […]

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VIDEO: Super Tucano’s case to become USAF’s next fighter

In Fort Lauderdale on Monday, Embraer and new partner Sierra Nevada showed off a Super Tucano that had just completed flight demonstrations for the US Air Force. The light-strike turboprop is bidding for the light air support (LAS) contract against the Lockheed Martin/Hawker Beechcraft AT-6. This particular Super Tucano was on loan to the manufacturer […]

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Spot the KC-390 design changes

Embraer has significantly revised the KC-390 product card from the Paris Air Show last year to the Farnborough event two weeks ago. I picked up cards at both shows. A side-by-side comparison is very revealing. In addition to the exterior changes shown below, Embraer has increased maximum payload from 19t to 23.6t and normal maximum […]

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FARN10: Brazil AF delays F-X2 contract to October, advances KC-390

Brazilian Air Force Chief Lt Gen Junito Saito signs letter of intent to acquire 28 Embraer KC-390 tanker-transports during this press conference at the Farnborough Air Show on 21 July. In response to questions, Saito also said the F-X fighter decision would be delayed until after elections in Brazil in October, pushing contract award for […]

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Embraer KC-390 master schedule

Here’s one for your files. This slide comes from a presentation dated March 2010. Embraer is designing the jet-powered KC-390 to replace hundreds of Lockheed Martin C-130s around the world.

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Aero India: Embraer reveals C-390 3-view, cockpit, design req’s

Flight’s Andrew Doyle is in Bangalore and this is all he sends me: C-390 pics! (Okay, that’s really all I wanted anyway.)These Embraer slides shows the dramatic evolution of their jet-powered C-130 replacement concept from relatively simple E190 spin-off to a virtually all-new aircraft with perhaps a common cockpit. And are those CFM56 turbofans under […]

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Brazil solicits Tom Cruise as turboprop fighter pitch-man?

Fictional Top Gun graduate Tom Cruise is being recruited by Brazil’s Ministry of Defense to hock Embraer Super Tucanos on the international market, according to Brazilian media today. Really:  According to thenewspaper “The Day”, Nelson Jobim, Minister of Defense, called the starto fly a Tucano on a possible return to Brazil. IfCruise agrees, it will […]

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