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Embraer slams ‘suspicious payment’ article on Super Tucano sale

The Brazilian magazine Veja (“See”) reports an alleged intrigue by Embraer. According to the magazine’s blog, Maria Juliana Buendia de La Vega has hired a law firm in Brazil, seeking an $18 million bonus from Embraer for her part in winning a major contract — a 2005 sale to Colombia for 24 Super Tucano fighter/trainers. […]

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Embraer’s C-130 replacement sprouts a T-tail

The design of the Embraer C-390 has significantly evolved since earlier this year. A presentation posted by the Brazilian manufacturer on the Internet last month (hat tip: The Woracle) reveals three major changes. Conventional vertical stabilizer is out. T-tail is in. Aft-fuselage strakes Wing-mounted refueling pods Compare the photo on the left, released in May, […]

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Brazil pitches a pan-South American arms industry

South America’s massive re-armament — some say arms race — has spotlighted the continent’s dormant defense industry. As Forecast International analyst Rebecca Barrett told Flight International last spring, native arms suppliers — Lockheed Martin Aircraft Argentina, Brazil’s Embraer and Chile’s Enaer — play only bit roles in the recent build-up.“As a result, the Latin American […]

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EPX competitors: Boeing 737, Airbus A320, Embraer E190?

EPX is the name for the US Navy acquisition program to replace the Lockheed EP-3E Aries II airborne electronic intelligence fleet. The navy launched the competitive phase of the programme today by posting the broad agency announcement, which is the formal term for essentially a market survey. The BAA documents include a list of attendees […]

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Embraer and the defense market: the roller-coaster continues

Sorry for the lack of new entries during my extended Labor Day holiday. Since I’m still a little bit in the vacation mood, let’s talk about Brazil’s defense industry for a change — specifically, Embraer. Several years ago, Embraer’s highly-respected executive team felt the time was right to make a major play at the world […]

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