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GRAPHIC: Go beneath the skin of the F-15 Silent Eagle

Cheers to Flightglobal artists Tim Bicheno-Brown and Tim Hall for a beautiful cutaway of the Boeing F-15 Silent Eagle. Peel back the fuselage skin by clicking on the blue vertical stripe on the left side, dragging it to the right. And click here for our technical description of Boeing’s latest major update to the venerable […]

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f-15 formation.jpg

Introducing the 32,000-hour F-15

A Boeing F-15C is rated for a 9,000h service life. An F-15E was designed with an 8,000h rating, which the USAF has already extended to 12,000h. Both types are supposed to be retired from USAF service by around 2030.Don’t bet on it.With production of the Lockheed Martin F-22 capped at 187 fighters, and F-35 deliveries […]

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rafale dubai.jpg

#DXB11: Certain victory for Rafale turns uncertain

So much for the rampant rumours (well, rampant throughout France anyway) that the UAE’s long-delayed fighter contract was a done-deal for the Rafale.Everything we know about the United Arab Emirates fighter modernisation plans have turned upside down within the first 24h of the Dubai Air Show. Quick summary: Dassault Rafale still in, Saab Gripen still […]

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Eurofighter forecasts new Brazil-Turkey fighter in 2025

As part of its KF-X presentation at the Seoul Air Show on 21 October, Eurofighter representative Cassidian displayed a fascinating chart with a fighter market forecast. Click on the chart to download a high-resolution version.There are some questionable assertions, as one might expect of a manufacturer-driven forecast. Eurofighter, of course, predicts the Dassault Rafale loses […]

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KFX wind tunnel model.jpg

SEOUL AIR SHOW: KF-X vision unveiled

In a seminar today at the Seoul Air Show, South Korean government officials outlined the strategy and plans for the KF-X, a twin-engined stealth fighter with a design goal of achieving manoeuvrability, speed and range performance between a Lockheed Martin F-16 and a Boeing F-15. South Korea wants to develop the KF-X over the next […]

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SEOUL AIR SHOW: Is that a new F-15 helmet?

South Korea is the first country to see a next-generation helmet-mounted cuing system (JHMCS) for the Boeing F-15. It will be offered to the Republic of Korea Air Force with the F-15SE Silent Eagle for the F-XIII contract. The Elbit Systems-Rockwell Collins joint venture VSI unveiled the JHMCS II at the Seoul Air Show this […]

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seoul F-15 paint 2.jpg

SEOUL AIR SHOW: Boeing sexes up F-15 Silent Eagle for ROKAF

You’re the marketing guy. It’s between your aircraft, the Boeing F-15 Silent Eagle, and the Lockheed Martin F-35. The latter is the latest fifth-generation fighter to hit the market and the former is the last and, perhaps, ultimate expression of a 40-year-old fighter series. You fear the Republic of Korea Air Force really wants the […]

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What about an Arab-led no-fly-zone over Libya?

While the US and European Union hem and haw over launching a no-fly zone over Libya, the Dubai-based Institute for Near East & Gulf Military Analysis (INEGMA) has proposed a possibly useful alternate solution: let the Arabs do it.Riad Kahwaji, chief executive of INEGMA, quotes retired United Arab Emirates air force chief Maj Gen Khaled […]

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PHOTO: Maiden flight for USAF’s first AESA-equipped F-15E

Photo: US Air Force The first of about 220 Boeing F-15Es that will be modified with active electronically scanned array (AESA) achieved first flight on 18 January. The test flight at Eglin AFB, Florida, marked a first for a US Air Force Strike Eagle with a Raytheon APG-82(V)1 radar, replacing the mechanically-scanned APG-70.  The F-15E […]

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Fighter spending gone bezerk?

Fighter Chart Feast your eyes on this chart released two months ago by the Congressional Budget Office, which came attached with an alarming note on the blog of CBO director Douglas Elmendorf.“The Air Force has been spending nearly as much annually to purchase relatively small numbers of F-22 fighter jets and Joint Strike Fighters (JSFs) […]

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