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BREAKING: USAF web site confirms Saudi Arabia sale

A US Air Force web site appears to confirm the blockbuster Boeing F-15SA sale to Saudi Arabia. [UPDATE: Within two hours of my blog post, the USAF removed the image from the web site.] The picture shown above was released to a USAF web site at 3:31pm on 28 December. That means the image appeared […]

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CONFIRMED: This summer’s best air show will be …

… not here. As much as I’m digging getting buzzed by the only fly-able B-29 in the world here at Oshkosh AirVenture, it’s not the best air show in the world this summer — by far. Neither does that distinction belong to last month’s Paris Air Show, which was unusually bereft of debut appearances by […]

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F-15E somehow steals Moscow air show from PAK-FA [UPDATED!]

UPDATE: Crisis averted! I am reliably informed the T-50 prototype will make an appearance at the MAKS air show in August. The aircraft has been noticed in advertisements for MAKS under the slogan “every time a premier”, implying the T-50 will be this year’s star attraction. Photo of F-15E courtesy of US Air Force. Huh? […]

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