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Second F-35A Production Jet Arrives at Edwards AFB

#DXB11: Dubai Air Show’s biggest non-story is … the F-35

The Lockheed Martin F-35 is the story that won’t happen at the Dubai Air Show, which opens Sunday, and we’re not entirely sure why. There is of course no shortage of big headlines at what is now the world’s third-largest aerospace event and rising quickly.It’s possible the United Arab Emirates will finally sign a check […]

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Place your MMRCA bets: Rafale, Typhoon or (surprise!) F-35?

When the Indian Air Force announces the winner of the medium multi-role combat aircraft contract on 4 November, there will be only two options: A (Dassault Rafale) or B (Eurofighter Typhoon). But the US government apparently still hopes the Indians will pick option C: the Lockheed Martin F-35.Two days before the MMRCA bid opening ceremony […]

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Edwards AFB F-35A Test Aircraft

The saga of LRIP V for F-35

Low rate initial production (LRIP) is the hardest phase. It’s one thing to develop an aircraft, and quite another to manufacture it. The phase between development to full-rate production has tripped up many programme offices in the past. For the F-35 programme, that struggle is personified in the strange and twisting saga of the LRIP […]

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Eurofighter chart.jpg

Eurofighter forecasts new Brazil-Turkey fighter in 2025

As part of its KF-X presentation at the Seoul Air Show on 21 October, Eurofighter representative Cassidian displayed a fascinating chart with a fighter market forecast. Click on the chart to download a high-resolution version.There are some questionable assertions, as one might expect of a manufacturer-driven forecast. Eurofighter, of course, predicts the Dassault Rafale loses […]

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KFX wind tunnel model.jpg

SEOUL AIR SHOW: KF-X vision unveiled

In a seminar today at the Seoul Air Show, South Korean government officials outlined the strategy and plans for the KF-X, a twin-engined stealth fighter with a design goal of achieving manoeuvrability, speed and range performance between a Lockheed Martin F-16 and a Boeing F-15. South Korea wants to develop the KF-X over the next […]

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VIDEO: Three F-35 variants too many?

General Martin Dempsey, newly-appointed chairman of the joint chiefs of staff, fired a warning shot at the F-35 in a House Armed Services Committee hearing today. Three variants may be more than the military can afford, Dempsey said. The three-variant strategy was adopted in the late-1990s partly to make the programme affordable. The theory was […]

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F-35 production profile.jpg

F-35 production freeze … or new ice age?

On 30 September 2008, or nearly three years ago, members of Florida’s Okaloosa County economic development council received a rare treat. Major General Charles Davis, then-programme manager for the Lockheed Martin F-35, briefed the council’s regularly scheduled roundtable sympoisum. Okaloosa County is the proud home of Eglin AFB, the F-35′s centralised training centre, and Davis […]

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alcoa bulkead spar forgings.jpg

Can a new structural crack suggest F-35 is healthier?

Illustration courtesy of Alcoa When an aluminium alloy bulkhead inside the Lockheed Martin F-35B cracked last year after just 1,600h of durability tests, the programme was caught by surprise. Lockheed’s analysis had not predicted the 496 bulkhead would buckle before the end of the 16,000h-long durability exam. A year later, the programme claims to have […]

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The DEW Line gets down with I.P.P.

Lockheed Martin F-35 test aircraft are back in the air after a 16-day grounding. The story is almost ready to move on, but we can’t let it pass without enshrining this moment to posterity in our own special way. In honour of the occasion, we have chosen to re-tell the story in the style of […]

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Scrutinising Lockheed’s claim that F-35 creates 127,000 US jobs

It’s every defence contractor’s favorite statistic: the Commerce Department’s formula that measures the amount of direct and indirect jobs created by an aerospace programme. For the F-35, the total US jobs number is … (drum roll, please) … 127,000! We confirmed that data point with Lockheed Martin on 11 August. But we could have just […]

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