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If an aircraft doesn’t crash in the forest, will anyone hear?

Aviation journalists like me generally don’t write news stories about the aircraft that don’t crash. So, even though air travel is statistically safer than than walking across the street to buy a vanilla soy latte at Starbucks, give me an airplane crash and I’ll give you 24/7 wall-to-wall coverage. But I’m going to break with […]

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SETP rules

My vote for best professional organization in the defense/aerospace industry: the Society of Experimental Test Pilots. And it’s not just because they can get Neil Armstrong (Neil Armstrong!!!) to come to their annual symposium in Disneyland next month and brief attendees like me on the lunar vehicle test program (although, honestly, how do you top […]

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Thunder bird

While the Iranian Air Force is reportedly pursuing a deal with Russia for a huge amount of Sukhoi Su-30s, the Iranian Army — yes, the army! — is apparently fielding the Azarakhsh (Thunder) and the Saeghe (Lightning), with both being bizarrely modified versions of the Northrop F-5E. While it’s clear that not even the US […]

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I will survive

Today, it’s official: the Lockheed Martin F-22 production line will finally expire in June 2012, which, of course, means the company and its congressional allies have exactly four years and 11 months to contrive a reason to keep the program alive. Anyone familiar with the ongoing saga of the Boeing C-17 production line knows that […]

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