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SEOUL AIR SHOW: North Korea’s desperate air force

North Korea last week moved fighters – perhaps MiG-23s? — to an air base near a disputed maritime border with its southern neighbour. It was all part of a sudden burst of saber-rattling, which included deployments of missiles and mobile launchers. North Korea media howled that military drills in the South were threatening, and protested […]

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FAKE: Sneak-peek of new Chinese stealth fighter (NOT J-20!)

[UPDATE: The picture is now confirmed as fake. No wonder then it evoked the F-35 so convincingly.] Deino, a reliable poster of authentic imagery of the latest Chinese military aircraft on Secret Projects, has posted this image today. It’s clearly not the Chengdu J-20. It is also a rare two-seat stealth fighter, which have fizzled […]

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F-22 grounded, then demasculated

Japanese modeler Hasegawa has released a new product with an interesting spin on the F-22 paint scheme. Perhaps it’s useful for spoofing optically-guided surface-to-air missiles? (This comes from the country, mind you, that gave us the Bonzai bomber video.)

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F-22 stand-down linked to site of Alaska crash

F-22 manufacturer Lockheed Martin confirms the company has sent five engineers to Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson, Alaska, to help investigate the source of the fleet-wide F-22 safety stand-down revealed on The DEW Line yesterday. “We deployed a five-person engineering team to Elmendorf AFB to provide technical expertise and information to our USAF partner,” Lockheed said.Air Combat […]

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BREAKING: USAF orders F-22 fleet stand-down

Got a tip today that all F-22s have been parked. Air Combat Command confirmed a few minutes ago, and our news article is posted here and is excerpted below. Oxygen system concerns prompt F-22 stand-down By Stephen Trimble The US Air Force has stopped flying all Lockheed Martin F-22s for an indefinite period over concerns […]

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VIDEO & PHOTO: F-22, F-35 in loose formation

I could be wrong (and you’ll no doubt feel free to correct me!), but I believe this is the first time that both stealth fighters have been photographed and filmed in formation. Lockheed Martin’s in-house CodeOne magazine posted the photo online on 30 April with this caption: “F-35A AF-2 on Flight 119 with Maj. Scott […]

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Why no F-22s over Libya?

Photo: US Air Force In the attacks on Libya since 19 March, the US Air Force says as of about 1pm EDT today it has contributed three Northrop Grumman B-2s, four Boeing F-15Es and eight Lockheed Martin F-16CJs.Where are the F-22s?It’s a fair question to ask since Gen Norton Schwartz, USAF chief of staff, told […]

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What will it take to launch a 6th-gen fighter program: “More money”

Please excuse the abrupt drop-off of updates to my live-blog yesterday. I discovered the battery limits of several of my devices. Once I had revived their power sources, I realized I needed a recharge myself. There are still plenty of blog items left in the queue from the Air Warfare Symposium. I’m readying for a […]

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Kill the AWACS, J-STARS fleets, ex-SECAF says

The era of the E-3 AWACS, the E-8C J-STARS and — presumably — RC-135 Rivet Joint may be over. Fifth-generation fighters are not only more survivable against a sophisticated opponent, they also have better sensors than the US Air Force’s best dedicated air- and ground-warning systems. Anything larger than an F-35 or F-22 should be […]

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Chinese media lift silence on J-20

The English-language Global Times newspaper, which is published by the Chinese Communist Party, has broken China’s media silence on the J-20 program today. The story is headlined “Rumored stealth jet undergoes tests: report“, and is careful to not confirm or deny the J-20′s existence. China also seems to be trying hard to avoid looking provocative. […]

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