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What happens to Scaled Composites after Burt Rutan?

Burt Rutan founded Scaled Composites in 1982 and over three decades drove its research into such risky projects as the round-the-world flight of Voyager and the atmosphere-topping climb of SpaceShipOne. But Rutan retired from Scaled Composites seven months ago, and moved from southern California’s Antelope Valley to a lake on the foothills of northern Idaho’s […]

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Firebird: Proof that MALE sizes matter?

Northrop Grumman The appearance of the Northrop Grumman Firebird, which was spotted on The DEW Line last Tuesday and identified as Firebird by Aviation Week on Thursday, raises many thoughts. Among them: too bad the Scaled Composites Model 355 didn’t exist six years ago, or the army’s extended-range multi-purpose [ERMP] competition could have been a […]

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