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PHOTOS: Bits and bobs around Quad-A

Back by popular demand, a photo round-up of some of more interesting items on display inside the exhibit hall of the Army Aviation Association of America’s (Quad-A) annual convention in Nashville, Tennessee.1. The HatchetAlliant TechSystems (ATK) displayed this miniature guided bomb for RQ-7 Shadow-class unmanned air vehicles (UAVs), with this rendering showing an attack on […]

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How real is F136 fixed-price offer?

I’m paid to be a professional skeptic. When General Electric/Rolls-Royce announced a fixed-price deal for the F136 [pictured above], my radar starts looking for the loopholes. As I wrote in my news article yesterday, the GE/Rolls Fighter Engine Team, to their credit, acknowledged their offer came with two strings attached. If the Department of Defense […]

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House approps: Today’s winners and losers

Here’s a quick summary of the aerospace winners and losers from today’s mark-up of the defense budget by the House appropriations subcommittee on defense. The press release above can also be downloaded at this site. The House appropriators mark-up follows previous votes by the authorizing committees of the House and Senate. The Senate appropriators have […]

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Is P&W’s F135 crystal ball half-full — or half-empty?

Pratt & Whitney is building capacity to produce a maximum of 120 F135 engines in 2016 to support the Lockheed Martin F-35 programme, Pratt & Whitney military executive Tom Farmer told my colleague John Croft last week. I think that’s an interesting data point as Congress debates the future of the F136, the General Electric […]

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Gripen NG’s edge

AvWeek-er Robert Wall’s cover story today about Saab’s hopes for the Gripen NG contains some interesting perspective on the Swedish manufacturer’s unique design philosophy. In the past, Gripen embraced technologies that designers modified tofit specific needs – as was the case with the General Electric F404engine that Volvo turned into the fighter’s RM12 powerplant. For […]

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Tanker questions: GEnx upgrade for KC-30? KC-747 vs KC-A380?

Two good questions have come in about my post yesterday. I’ll do my best to answer them, but I’d be interested to hear other views as well.Keesje asks: Two years ago GE was proposing the GENX for future A330 freighter and tanker applications, as reported by flightglobal.The A330F has more engine ground clearance then the […]

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Where the GE38 leads, others will follow

I learned in journalism school to always “follow the money”, but perhaps a better rule of thumb in the aerospace industry is to “follow the engines”. In more ways than one, engine technology is the propelling force of the aerospace industry. Airframers learned a long time ago never to launch a new aircraft unless at […]

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The turbofan: Not dead yet

The ducted turbofan jet engine, the world’s most efficient machine, is now 43 years old. General Electric introduced the TF39 in 1965 to power the mammoth Lockheed C-5A. This now ubiquitous source of power for aircraft would seem to be a “mature” (read: dead) technology, closed to new opportunities for innovation. Whether the goal is […]

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