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Spotted: Gripen NG with new fuel tanks

One of the Gripen NG’s key sales points is range. Saab says the fighter can fly 1,300km with six air to air missiles, loiter 30min and return to base. It’s hard to make a direct comparison to the F-35 since performance specifications with external stores are not publicly listed. Using only internal fuel and weapons, […]

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Saab’s F-35 rebuttal to Norway

Three weeks after Norway’s ministry of defense shocked Saab by selecting the F-35 over the Gripen NG one month ahead of schedule, the Swedish manufacturer has issued a rebuttal.Here are some highlights: The claim that Gripen does not fulfil the operationalrequirements … turns out to be founded on simulations previously unknown to us.To our understanding […]

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Gone fishing in Norway

Norway’s surprise decision last week to support the Lockheed Martin F-35 was based largely on an analysis by the Norwegian Defense Research Establishment. Among other things, its computer simulations found the F-35 superior to the Gripen NG in dogfights against the SU-30.  So I called Oslo this morning to ask for an interview with the […]

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Gripen NG’s edge

AvWeek-er Robert Wall’s cover story today about Saab’s hopes for the Gripen NG contains some interesting perspective on the Swedish manufacturer’s unique design philosophy. In the past, Gripen embraced technologies that designers modified tofit specific needs – as was the case with the General Electric F404engine that Volvo turned into the fighter’s RM12 powerplant. For […]

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