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Where are all the Watchkeepers?

The new issue of Flight International includes a two-page feature on the UK’s glacial-paced Watchkeeper unmanned air system programme, which harks back to the legacy of the British Army’s earlier Phoenix: a UAV so unreliable that it was nicknamed the “Bugger off”, due to the at-times slim chance of it actually returning from a mission. […]

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Hermes accident rate prompts UK action

The British Army’s interim use of leased Hermes 450 unmanned air vehicles has involved an eye-watering 11 crashes in Afghanistan since 2007, according to armed forces minister Andrew Robathan. I filed an initial news story about the disclosure earlier today, but hope to get an answer from the army soon with regard to the categories of accident […]

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Brazil’s Embraer reveals new Harpias UAV

When Embraer partnered with Elbit Systems last year, it was obvious they would need to redesign the Hermes 450 to satisfy the needs of the Brazilian Air Force. After all, the Hermes 450 was designed for Israel, where 150-200km mission radius from the ground control station is more than enough. But a 200km footprint in […]

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