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PHOTOS: Bits and bobs around Quad-A

Back by popular demand, a photo round-up of some of more interesting items on display inside the exhibit hall of the Army Aviation Association of America’s (Quad-A) annual convention in Nashville, Tennessee.1. The HatchetAlliant TechSystems (ATK) displayed this miniature guided bomb for RQ-7 Shadow-class unmanned air vehicles (UAVs), with this rendering showing an attack on […]

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Gripen NG’s edge

AvWeek-er Robert Wall’s cover story today about Saab’s hopes for the Gripen NG contains some interesting perspective on the Swedish manufacturer’s unique design philosophy. In the past, Gripen embraced technologies that designers modified tofit specific needs – as was the case with the General Electric F404engine that Volvo turned into the fighter’s RM12 powerplant. For […]

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Finally … Honeywell names the MAV

This is a rule: If you build an aircraft, you have a solemn duty to give it a cool name.For several years, Honeywell has disobeyed this rule, producing a ducted-fan unmanned aircraft named, drearily, the Micro Air Vehicle (MAV). [Insert wrong answer buzzer sound here.] Sorry, that’s not a name. That’s a category.Honeywell today has […]

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