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VIDEO: China’s master fighter designer speaks

Yang Wei is credited by Chinese media for designing the JF-17, J-20 and the flight control system of the J-10. At the Dubai Air Show, Yang briefed journalists and industry members on the capabilities of the JF-17. It’s a rare opportunity to hear Yang describe his work in English.

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Eurofighter forecasts new Brazil-Turkey fighter in 2025

As part of its KF-X presentation at the Seoul Air Show on 21 October, Eurofighter representative Cassidian displayed a fascinating chart with a fighter market forecast. Click on the chart to download a high-resolution version.There are some questionable assertions, as one might expect of a manufacturer-driven forecast. Eurofighter, of course, predicts the Dassault Rafale loses […]

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SEOUL AIR SHOW: North Korea’s desperate air force

North Korea last week moved fighters – perhaps MiG-23s? — to an air base near a disputed maritime border with its southern neighbour. It was all part of a sudden burst of saber-rattling, which included deployments of missiles and mobile launchers. North Korea media howled that military drills in the South were threatening, and protested […]

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Democracy comes to China’s air force

Since I apparently now have a voice in PLAAF decision-making, I’m voting for the red-and-black scheme with the Michael Jackson “Beat It” vibe.  From China Defence Blog today: Say No To White Rabbit Due to pubic outcry over the ugly “white rabbit” paint scheme (here) , the PLAAF “August First” flight demonstration team recently released […]

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VIDEO: A psychedelic ‘Crouching F-22, Hidden J-10′

If you’re like me, you’ve probably asked yourself many times: What would happen if the people who designed dogfight simulations tripped on LSD?Well, now we know. China’s version of YouTube has spawned the Sgt Pepper of dogfight cartoons, featuring, among many others, the J-10, FC-20, B-2, F-117, KC-10 and F-22. There’s even an A380 refueling […]

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Israel industry tour Day 1: Remember the Lavi

TEL AVIV — It’s probably unfair to start my Israeli tour diary with the Lavi. It’s a bit like finding a way to shoehorn Darleen Druyun’s name into the beginning of a Boeing tanker article. But there it was as I walked into the factory next door to Ben Gurion International Airport for the Lahav […]

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Dispatch from Zhuhai: China’s J-10 fighter is the real deal

Blog contributor Vladimir Karnozov, a Moscow-based aerospace journalist, visited the Zhuhai air show this week, and files this sobering report about the new J-10 fighter. ZHUHAI — There is anold anecdote. The optimists around the world learn English. The pessimists,Chinese. But down-to-earth study the Kalashnikov assault rifle. I think itis time for the down-to-earth crowd […]

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