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VIDEO: Chinese internet ‘leaks’ J-15 take-off

Following the script set by the J-20 four months ago, newly-leaked photos of the Chinese Shenyang J-15 naval fighter that appeared earlier this week have been followed up with newly-leaked film showing the aircraft in taxi and take-off modes. All that’s missing is a coinciding visit to China by Secretary of Defense Robert Gates. Perhaps […]

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VIDEO: China’s J-15 goes viral, but J-18 steals the show

China’s J-15 has become a star of the aviation paparazzi in the last few days, with a couple of new-ish photos leaking onto the blogosphere. There’s also a new round of rampant speculation about the status of the J-18 Snowy Owl. Some have even suggested that it’s China’s short takeoff and vertical landing fighter, and […]

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First glimpse of Chinese fighter, or Russian rip-off?

China has allowed the carrier-based J-15 to be photographed (above) and videotaped (below) for the first time after reportedly achieving first flight last August. The J-15 is credited by the Chinese as indigenous development, but the Russians consider it a rip-off of a Sukhoi Su-33 that China acquired from the Ukraine. Moscow also has complained […]

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