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Another Chinese fighter breaks cover

Our good friend and Singapore-based colleague Greg Waldron filed a story this morning about the emergence of another new Chinese combat aircraft, which appears to pull together design features from both the Lockheed Martin F-22 Raptor and F-35 Joint Strike Fighter; although that of course could be entirely coincidental. Shenyang’s product is referred to with a […]

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VIDEO: China’s master fighter designer speaks

Yang Wei is credited by Chinese media for designing the JF-17, J-20 and the flight control system of the J-10. At the Dubai Air Show, Yang briefed journalists and industry members on the capabilities of the JF-17. It’s a rare opportunity to hear Yang describe his work in English.

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Help coming for AWACS in a J-20 era?

The Boeing E-3A airborne warning and control system (AWACS) is like the binoculars of a fighter formation. By emitting a 3GHz electromagnetic pulse, the E-3A’s Northrop Grumman APY-2 radar can spot an inbound fighter at 30,000ft as far as 430nm away. But what if the fighter is stealthy, which means partly that its designed to […]

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Eurofighter forecasts new Brazil-Turkey fighter in 2025

As part of its KF-X presentation at the Seoul Air Show on 21 October, Eurofighter representative Cassidian displayed a fascinating chart with a fighter market forecast. Click on the chart to download a high-resolution version.There are some questionable assertions, as one might expect of a manufacturer-driven forecast. Eurofighter, of course, predicts the Dassault Rafale loses […]

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VIDEO: Taihang-equipped J-10B! Also starring: J-20 and JF-17

We bring you the latest video to surface from the world’s least-secured runway for officially classified, experimental military jets. (Pssst: Hey, AVIC! Seriously, it’s like you’re not even trying now. It was almost more fun when you tried to keep this stuff hidden. Geez, when did China become the world’s most transparent military about new […]

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‘Not a pound for air-to-ground’: Inside the J-20 weapons bay

UPDATE: Stand down! Looks like this one is more of a toy than a representative model. Apologies for the rush to judgment!It appears the Chengdu J-20 may be an eight-shooter: six PL-12s in the main internal bay and one PL-9 in each of two side weapon bays. In non-stealthy mode, the J-20 may also carry […]

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Beware the J-20 mock-up

Then again it is possible that the J-20′s sister is really a mock-up. These pictures suggest a mock-up exists in Chengdu. If they are not a mock-up, the Chinese aerospace industry may be overdue for a brush-up on modern final assembly procedures.  

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SPOTTED: China’s J-20 has a sister

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FAKE: Sneak-peek of new Chinese stealth fighter (NOT J-20!)

[UPDATE: The picture is now confirmed as fake. No wonder then it evoked the F-35 so convincingly.] Deino, a reliable poster of authentic imagery of the latest Chinese military aircraft on Secret Projects, has posted this image today. It’s clearly not the Chengdu J-20. It is also a rare two-seat stealth fighter, which have fizzled […]

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Random videos: J-20 makes 8th landing, F-35 hovers at Pax

Two videos on YouTube that you don’t see every day:1. Plane spotters capture the J-20 reportedly making its 8th landing today, with the Chinese stealth fighter emerging from the thick Chengdu haze directly overhead. It’s quite a picture.2. A Beechcraft B-200 pilot captures an F-35B in hover out the window, which is evidently shot at […]

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