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Gizmodo learns F-35B YouTube video was proprietary — oops!

Cheers to uber-blog Gizmodo for picking up my F-35B animation video yesterday. The Gizmodo  link not only quadrupled my web hits overnight, it also attracted an interesting comment from one of the video’s alleged creators, who writes: The one depicted is the X-35 [the prototype that won the contract forthe Joint Strike Fighter and became […]

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Great F-35B animation appears on YouTube

The BF-1 short takeoff and vertical landing (STOVL) variant is grounded for a few more months until its engine is fitted with redesigned turbine blades. It will be years before anyone sees the F-35B in operation. While we’re waiting, at least we have this sophisticated animation posted anonymously on YouTube last week.

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F-35 vs 787, part 4: The Finale

BF-2 rolledoff the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter assembly line in Fort Worth last Saturday. Completing thefourth prototype came about one week late, but, Lockheed Martin says, stillwell “within the noise” of the overall production schedule. More significantly,Lockheed is still pumping out one aircraft per month, a rate that must besustained through the end of 2009 […]

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F-35 vs. 787, part 2: Prototype hell

The twoaircraft are AA-1 and ZA001. The formeris the first F-35 Joint Strike Fighter prototype completed in December 2006. The latteris the first 787 prototype that was originally supposed to enter flight test abouteight months later, yet remains in the late stages of final assembly and 15months behind schedule. Bothaircraft must be spectacular disappointments so […]

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F-35 vs 787, part 1: Rise, fall and recovery

Coveringmilitary aviation is a big part of my job, but it’s not the only part. I alsowrite about commercial aviation. So I’ve had a front-row seat to observe the rise,severe fall and ongoing recovery of the once-celebrated 787 production system. Relating commercialand military aircraft programs can be very tricky, but I can’t help makeconnections between […]

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Is Oz back on JSF bandwagon?

Jason Simonds, TDL reader from down-under, sent this comment to the blog today: “Stephen Gumley, the chief executive officer of Australia’s Defence Materiel Organisation (agency responsible for buying military capability in Australia) let slip on 10 July 2008, in front of a Senate enquiry, that Australia WILL be buying the F-35A, barring some unlikely calamity […]

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Mixed messages today on JSF

Mixed messages abound on the Lockheed Martin F-35 program today. Overall it should be a good week for the F-35, with the first test aircraft back in the air after a seven-month hiatus and the second test aircraft due to be rolled out of the factory very soon. But two articles appear in the press […]

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Brit comedy show spoofs JSF, aircraft carriers

I’ve shamelessly stolen this video from The Woracle blog, but I had to. It’s just that funny.

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Newsflash: JSF magically gets cheaper!

Try to follow the logic: 1: The Department of Defense submits a budget request in February, requesting to buy 12 JSFs — 6 CTOL and 6 STOVL — for $2.65 billion. (See page 26 here.) 2: The House Appropriations Committee passes its version of the defense budget on July 25. The lawmakers approve the Pentagon’s […]

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