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Boom time: night-time first for F-35

Lockheed Martin has released images showing the first night-time inflight refuelling sortie involving an F-35, with the milestone having been achieved on 22 March using conventional take-off and landing aircraft AF-4.   Flown from Edwards AFB in California by US Air Force test pilot Lt Col Peter Vitt, the Lightning II is shown alongside the Boeing […]

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Russia sends a tanker love letter to US Air Force

The eight-year-long saga to build a replacement for the US Air Force KC-135 has already produced a few surprises, but nothing as crazy as this.A Los Angeles-based attorney, who lists hot-tubbing with a glass of bordeaux as a hobby and known mostly as the editor of a best-selling book compiling love letters of great men, […]

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KC-X fuel offload breakdown

Gen Arthur Lichte, chief of Air Mobility Command, probably put it best. When I asked Lichte two weeks ago if the US Air Force would change its “more is better” philosophy on fuel offload for the KC-X contract winner, Lichte replied: “Certainly, when you are talking about replacing a tanker, fuel is important.”The draft request […]

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How urgent is the KC-135 replacement?

My colleague (and competitor) Amy Butler today quotes Northrop Grumman executive Paul Meyer, vice president of Northrop Grumman Air Mobility Systems, about the urgency of the KC-135 replacement. He says: “The Air Force has made it abundantly clear they need to modernize the aging KC-135 fleet as quickly as possible.” I’ve always accepted the air […]

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To protest or not to protest: KC-135 PDM

Pemco has announced that it has lost the contract to provide depot maintenance on the KC-135. The winner, oddly enough, hasn’t been announced yet, but since Boeing was the only other known competitor, I think it’s safe to assume that the KC-135′s original manufacturer has won the job. If true, this means Boeing has pulled […]

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