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Headline typo sends “NG” tanker to Wichita – briefly

My Google alert for KC-X caused me a few moments of wild panic this morning. The headline for the Wichita Eagle story on my blackberry screen read: “ng would finish tankers in Wichita”. Stop the press! Briefly ignoring the weirdly lower-case “ng”, my mind instantly translated the headline as, “Northrop Grumman would finish tankers in […]

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KC-X fuel offload breakdown

Gen Arthur Lichte, chief of Air Mobility Command, probably put it best. When I asked Lichte two weeks ago if the US Air Force would change its “more is better” philosophy on fuel offload for the KC-X contract winner, Lichte replied: “Certainly, when you are talking about replacing a tanker, fuel is important.”The draft request […]

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KC-X: Does Lichte still want a “more” tanker?

When the US Air Force announced on February 29, 2008 that Northrop Grumman/EADS North America beat Boeing for the KC-X contract, a reporter asked the chief of Air Mobility Command — Gen Arthur Lichte — why. Here’s that exchange: Q: And just to follow, did size matter in this issue? I mean, the KC-30 istwice as […]

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Boeing: KC-777 ‘so much better’ than KC-30

Addison Schonland of the IAG blog has a great podcast interview today with Boeing tanker spokesman Bill Barksdale. If you wondered if Boeing is really interested in a 777-based tanker, Barksdale’s new interview should dispel any doubts. Yes, Bill says, Boeing may still offer a 767-based tanker if US Air Force wants something smaller and […]

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Mobile Press-Register cartoon mocks “Bride of Frankentanker”

Mobile Press-Register How do you know the KC-X tanker contract is back in competition? The Mobile Press-Register’s editorial cartoonist is back on the case! As long as the tanker contract produces satirical art of this quality, may it never stop.

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VIDEO: Boeing KC-X tanker update

[YouTube may still be processing the video. Please check back in a few minutes if the video is not available.] Boeing’s top tanker executive, Dave Bowman, briefed the news media today about his company’s plans to compete for the KC-X tanker contract. Bowman’s presentation was actually a preview of Boeing’s tanker update next Tuesday for […]

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What’s the next move for Northrop Grumman/EADS North America?

All eyes seem focused on Boeing’s next move. Do they want todelay the tanker RFP to switch to the KC-767-400ER? Or perhaps even theKC-777F? Another interesting question is what will the NorthropGrumman/EADS North America team do to respond? The KC-30B is based on the A330-200 passengerairliner, which, thanks to the tanker proposal process, has now […]

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