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Them’s fightin’ words … Aboulafia vs. McCain

Aboulafiavs.McCain From Aboulafia’s blog last week: “We know that McCain influenced the tanker selection processagainst Boeing with multiple letters to Deputy SecDef Gordon England andSecDef Robert Gates. We also know that McCain, for good and/or bad reasons,stopped the original Boeing tanker lease deal from going ahead. We know thatpeople in McCain’s office have also worked […]

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Talladega Nights and KC-X, revisited

I’m going to invoke “blogger privilege” and republish an item I first posted in August about the KC-X tanker competition. In hindsight, it looks like I goofed up the conclusion. But it’s all in good fun. Enjoy. A tale of two tankers Nothing says”class” like riding to Seattle on a Boeing Business Jet to cover […]

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What’s Ralph Crosby’s next move?

Last Friday, myself and a few other reporters sat with Ralph Crosby on a round-trip flight to Columbus, Mississippi, and back. Crosby, CEO of EADS North America, wanted to show off his company’s scantly-covered factory where Eurocopter EC-145s will be assembled as UH-72s for the US Army. My purpose was related, but different. I wanted […]

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Proposed names for KC-45A, via AirSpace

Nominations so far on AirSpace discussion forum: ‘Boeing KC-767A’ ‘Flirty Thirty’ ‘Mobile home’ [...re the Alabama assembly line] ‘Fortress Europe’ ‘Fruit of the boom’ ‘Just desserts’

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Boeing IDS and the backlog blues

Losing the massive KC-X order exposed already creeping concerns about a barren backlog for Boeing’s military division. Using my company’s Milicas database, I tracked exactly how many fixed-wing aircraft orders remain in Boeing’s pipeline. The results, as you’ll see, clearly reveal that the clock is ticking on Boeing Integrated Defense Systems to do … well, […]

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KC-X propaganda machine strikes again

Northrop Grumman’s latest strike in the KC-X tanker propaganda war hit my email inbox today. The email contained a letter signed by five southern governors, and it was addressed to President George W. Bush. The contents of the letter could be significant, despite its many inaccurate claims. The letter states: “This particular procurement has a […]

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Did Northrop Grumman give South Carolina ‘the Byrd’?

Let the record show that I have nothing against Bridgeport, West Virginia. I’m sure many defense contractors would make Bridgeport home even if outspoken and powerful Senator Robert Byrd was not a key member the defense appropriations committee. Never underestimate the industrial appeal of the plainly-but-aptly nicknamed “Mountain State”. So I’m not surprised that the […]

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KC-X: Lego tanker vs. … Acme tanker?

Click here to read The Woracle’s brilliant idea to nickname Boeing’s KC-767 the “Lego Tanker”. It’s such a perfect nickname that I resolved to come up with something at least as good for the KC-30. So here goes: if the KC-767 is the Lego Tanker then the KC-30 is the Acme Tanker. Here’s why: The […]

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Awards from a KC-X press conference

Back from a Northrop Grumman news conference on its bid to win a $40 billion contract to produce 179 KC-30 tankers for the US Air Force, I feel inclined to make some awards. In the category of “best gotcha question”, the award goes to: Andrea Shalal-Esa, of Reuters, who asked NG’s SVP Paul Meyer: “Is […]

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