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VIDEO: Super Tucano on takeoff

Embraer has released video showing a critical moment of the Super Tucano’s recent demonstration to the US Air Force. As Embraer competes against the Hawker Beechcraft AT-6 for a USAF contract, the Super Tucano showed that it can take off from a dirt strip — and bounce over a criss-crossing concrete runway. The demonstration was […]

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JUNKET: M346 news – and fly-bys – in Venegono on Day 2

An AleniaAermacchi test pilot provides a quick tour of the M346 hangar, where you can see all three of the jet trainers currently in existence. (Video by Stephen Trimble) ROME — Day 2 of the Alenia and Aermacchi press tour began in Venegono, near Milan, and ended in Rome. Venegono is where AleniaAermacchi designs, builds […]

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