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Could Israel’s Lavi project be revived?

From the “curiouser and curiouser” files: an update on ECA Program’s pitch to provide an Integrated Opposing Force (IOPFOR) capability to support fighter pilot training for NATO nations. The Amsterdam-based outfit issued a press release while I was away on leave, announcing its overdue selection of a candidate aircraft to deliver the proposed future aggressor […]

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Ex-Lavi chief calls for new fighter, not $11 billion on F-35

I spent a week touring Israel’s aerospace industry last November, which included a sighting of the only known survivor of the Lavi program. One of many things I came away with is a sense that Israel wants to return to the ranks of the world’s developers of manned combat aircraft, rather than a niche supplier […]

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Israel industry tour Day 1: Remember the Lavi

TEL AVIV — It’s probably unfair to start my Israeli tour diary with the Lavi. It’s a bit like finding a way to shoehorn Darleen Druyun’s name into the beginning of a Boeing tanker article. But there it was as I walked into the factory next door to Ben Gurion International Airport for the Lahav […]

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