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Tornado GR4 DMS Brimstone 560.jpg

Could Brimstone hit US sales target?

MBDA is planning an audacious raid on the already congested US air-launched weapons sector, with the company’s local subsidiary touting the dual mode seeker-equipped Brimstone to its armed services. With Brimstone’s capability having been demonstrated through its use by the UK Royal Air Force’s current Tornado GR4s in Afghanistan (MBDA-sourced image below shows one of […]

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PICTURE & VIDEO: Remora weapon for tactical UAV bombers

Weaponizing unmanned air vehicles (UAVs) is nothing new. As far back as World War II, the US Army Air Corps converted B-24 Liberators into unmanned cruise missiles guided by remote control from another aircraft. The US Air Force equipped RQ-1 Predators with AGM-114 Hellfire missiles 11 years ago, as our friend Richard Whittle has chronicled. […]

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VIDEO: MBDA talks ASRAAM & Meteor for F-35

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