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Hungarian Hind visits Leicester Square

London’s Leicester Square on 7 February played host to the star-studded premiere of the new film ‘A Good Day to Die Hard’, and no, we didn’t get an invite either. I was intrigued as why a movie about a trigger-happy US cop set in Moscow would require the promotional folks to exhibit what was clearly […]

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Russia talks stealthy, 370mph combat helicopter

Maybe you’ve been asking yourself: how will Russia ever replace the legendary Mi-24 Hind?So, it turns out, has Russia. Russian Helicopters Holdings, the corporate umbrella for Kamov, Kazan, Mil and Rostvertol, told the Moscow press yesterday the company will invest $1 billion to to develop a “fifth-generation helicopter”. CEO Andrei Shibitov did not provide details, […]

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Russian Air Force after Georgia, part 1

Flight’s Moscow correspondent Vladimir Karnozov guest-blogs this week with a five-part after action report on the Georgia Air War, obviously from the Russian perspective. Karnozov is kindly filling in while this blogger is traveling all week on an assignment. Here’s part 1. Russia  to increase military spending. What will themoney go for? Russian president Dmitry […]

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