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Smoking: rare glimpse of North Korean MiGs

As rare sightings go, a three-ship formation of North Korean MiG-29s has to be pretty high on anyone’s list. Captured in this ZUMA/Rex Features image published on 19 March, the trio was among a range of Pyongyang’s firepower on rare show during a military exercise. Sadly for us here on The DEW Line, the other shots […]

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VIDEO: YF-23 reborn as Romanian, rocket-powered, sea-based, space launcher

I’m not making this up. The ARCA — Romania’s answer to Scaled Composites’ suborbital spacecraft ambitions — today unveiled the wildest idea I’ve seen all year in aerospace. Take the tail and wing planform of the Northrop YF-23, attach a MiG-29-ish nose, install a rocket engine and — are you kidding me? — sea floats, […]

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Moral: Buy Russian ejection seats — they work (VIDEO)

LiveLeak has great video on a little-reported crash last week involving an Iranian Air Force Su-24. You have to wait about 90 seconds for the action to start. To understand why I’m now so impressed with Russian ejection seat technology, you have to watch another 10 seconds after that.

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What’s Russian for ‘a really lousy deal’?

The Russian defence ministry announced this week it will buy the 28 MiG-29 SMT and UBT fighters originally sold to Algeria, completing, a bizarre 15-year circle for those previously homeless jets.In 2007, Algeria forced Russia to take back the first 15 MiG-29s after determining the aircraft were duds. My source in Moscow tells me the […]

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Russian Air Force after Georgia, part 1

Flight’s Moscow correspondent Vladimir Karnozov guest-blogs this week with a five-part after action report on the Georgia Air War, obviously from the Russian perspective. Karnozov is kindly filling in while this blogger is traveling all week on an assignment. Here’s part 1. Russia  to increase military spending. What will themoney go for? Russian president Dmitry […]

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