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Putin: MiG and Sukhoi EPIC FAIL

Prime Minister Vladimir Putin of Russia did everything on Tuesday but stare at MiG and Sukhoi with his finger and his thumb in the shape of an L on his forehead, a la Smash Mouth.Russia’s United Aircraft Corporation, corporate parent of both fighter-makers, is now $3.76 billion in the red after squandering opportunities to sell […]

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What’s Russian for ‘a really lousy deal’?

The Russian defence ministry announced this week it will buy the 28 MiG-29 SMT and UBT fighters originally sold to Algeria, completing, a bizarre 15-year circle for those previously homeless jets.In 2007, Algeria forced Russia to take back the first 15 MiG-29s after determining the aircraft were duds. My source in Moscow tells me the […]

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A November revolution at MiG/Sukhoi

Multiple Russian sources are reporting an earth-rattling shake-up at the top leadership ranks of legendary aerospace powerhouses MiG and Sukhoi. Sukhoi General Director Mikhail Pogosyan will get the top job also at deeply indebted MiG, Vladimir Karnozov reports at Flight. Karnozov told me later that Pogosyan was seen on MiG’s premesis on Thursday chairing a […]

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