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VIDEO: MBDA talks ASRAAM & Meteor for F-35

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Spotted: China flies air-launched cruise missile

The US has the AGM-86, Russia has the KH-55 and China now has the CJ-10K. The Chinese Military Aviation blog (.cn domain) on Saturday posted the above photo of the CJ-10K aloft under the wing of an H-6 bomber. The blog says the missile’s range is between 1,500km and 2,500km.The photo appears after China unveiled […]

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AIM-9X Block 2 credit USAF.jpg

AIM-9X goes slumming with air-to-surface mode

Photo: Tom Reynolds/US Air Force For fighter jocks, it continues to be a long way down to air-to-ground. Raytheon’s AIM-9X Sidewinder, the ultimate in high-tech dogfighting weapons, has been adapted to strike moving targets on the ground or water. The US Air Force wants the air-to-surface AIM-9X to give the Boeing F-15C a weapon for […]

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Florida fisherman hooks 2 live AIM-9 Sidewinders

Source: St Petersburg Times Talk about your fishing stories! Florida fisherman Solomon Rodney reeled in two apparently live AIM-9 missiles while fishing for grouper 785 feet below the surface about 50 miles south of Eglin AFB, according to the St. Petersburg Times. One missile featured an active camera and appeared live, so Rodney let it […]

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PICTURE: Meet Raytheon/Boeing’s candidate to replace HELLFIRE

Pictured below is Raytheon/Boeing team’s baby for winning the Joint Air to Ground Missile (JAGM) contract. Both the Raytheon/Boeing team and Lockheed Martin are fighting to win the contract, but it promises to be a tough challenge no matter who wins. The Army and Navy not only want a weapon that can replace the AGM-114 […]

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