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Place your MMRCA bets: Rafale, Typhoon or (surprise!) F-35?

When the Indian Air Force announces the winner of the medium multi-role combat aircraft contract on 4 November, there will be only two options: A (Dassault Rafale) or B (Eurofighter Typhoon). But the US government apparently still hopes the Indians will pick option C: the Lockheed Martin F-35.Two days before the MMRCA bid opening ceremony […]

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POLL: Make your shortlist for India’s next fighter

NEW UPDATE: Saab officially confirms they’re out of the running. UPDATE: India’s equally definitive StratPost blog reports today that Typhoon and Rafale have been effectively shortlisted, leaving the F-16IN, F/A-18E/F, Gripen and MiG-35 out of the running. Shiv Aroor’s LiveFist blog also is reporting that the competition has narrowed to Typhoon and Rafale ] The […]

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How to get ‘Rafale’, ‘bribe’, ‘India’ and ‘prostitute’ in one headline

Aero India is nearly a month in the past, but the semi-annual roar-over-Bangalore is back in the headlines. The India Today newsmagazine reported on Tuesday: The Air Force has set up a court of inquiry against a wing commander for taking bribe from foreign aviation manufacturing companies to facilitate prominent static display of their aircraft […]

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Missing file raises questions about India’s MMRCA deal

Less than two months after the US Air Force mailed evaluation documents to the wrong bidders in the KC-X competition, a similar scandal has erupted for the Indian Air Force’s hotly-contested medium, multi-role combat aircraft (MMRCA) contract.The Indian press reports: The file dealing with the offsets plans of the six foreign vendors vying for the […]

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Report: India AF recommends Typhoon and Rafale

India’s TimesNow TV reports the country’s air force wants to choose between only the Eurofighter Typhoon and Dassault Rafale for the 126-aircraft contract called medium multi-role combat aircraft (MMRCA).It’s difficult to assess the reliability of the report. The journalist cites only “the air force” as the source for his potentially bombshell scoop. The Rafale and […]

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Eurofighter says the ‘P’ word in India

It wouldn’t surprise me if Eurofighter thinks politics — and not performance — will decide who wins India’s mega-fighter contract. But it does surprise me that somebody actually said it. India is currently judging the six competitors on technical performance, with a downselect leading to an analysis of economic benefits. StratPost blog editor Saurabh Joshi […]

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Top 5 questions on Rafales-for-Brazil/KC-390s-for-France deal

I have confirmed with Dassault that France and Brazil have signed a joint communique agreeing to negotiate terms to export 36 Dassault Rafale F3s to Brasilia and 12 Embraer KC-390 tanker-transports to Paris. A direct link to the joint communique appears to be on the web site for Brazil’s Ministry of Defense, but for the […]

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Is US scheming to blame for Israel shut-out in India?

A Jerusalem Post article yesterday claims the US government denied Israel Aircraft Industries the chance to offer an Elta Systems radar for the Saab Gripen proposal to India. The claims have already been picked up by the Times of India, which has branded the US actions as “arm-twisting”. The Israeli claims have a familiar ring. […]

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