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PICTURE: Reaper spotted at secret CIA UAV base

Zach Rosenberg, Flightglobal’s UAV and space editor, has found something very interesting in the latest release of satellite imagery posted on Google Maps last month. On the ramp of the Yucca airstrip in Nevada — a site officially owned by the Energy Department and unofficially suspected of being a secret, CIA UAV base — is […]

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Al-Qaeda cat infiltrates Creech, chaos ensues

Al-Qaeda has trained cats to infiltrate Creech AFB, sneak into the power substations and posthumously inherit 72 virginal kittens by shorting out the communications link to the US Air Force’s Predators and Reapers flying over Afghanistan.That is my satirical interpretation, anyway, of the following remarks yesterday at the Quad-A convention by Col Grant Webb, a […]

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AFRICOM photo shows mystery Reaper payload in Seychelles

Source: AFRICOM Spotters: I challenge you. US Africa Command yesterday released the photo above of the MQ-9 Reaper returning to its new Seychelles base after an anti-piracy mission on November 4. The photo shows a payload under the wing that I am unable to identify. I believe it is a signals intelligence sensor of some […]

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AUVSI: Boeing displays vision for MQ-9 Reaper replacement

WEBSTER FIELD — Boeing kindly rendered a reconnaissance by this reporter to a sweltering southern-Maryland swamp — er, UAV demonstration area — worthwhile by offering this peak at their strategy for the US Air Force’s MQ-X contract. I expect to hear more tomorrow about Boeing’s plans for this MQ-9 replacement concept at the AUVSI convention. […]

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US Air Force looks beyond the Reaper

The General Atomics Aeronautical Systems Inc MQ-9 Reaper will rule the US Air Force fleet of medium-altitude unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) through the middle of the next decade. The USAF’s newly-released UAS flight flight plan shows the Reaper’s capability will steadily expand with the arrival of new payloads, such as the Gorgon Stare sensor in […]

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USAF names new sensor “Gorgon Stare”

My philosophy is simple: If you’re going to spend a couple hundred million of taxpayer dollars to buy something, at least give it a cool name. I’m sorry, but the “wide area airborne surveillance” (WAAS) sensor did not cut it. The Sierra Nevada pod is expected to revolutionize the surveillance mission when it arrives in […]

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General Atomics may a have customer relations problem

General Atomics Aeronautical Systems Inc (GA-ASI) has grown very quickly into a powerful force within the US defense industry. Their stable of products based on the Predator/Reaper/Sky Warrior family have dominated almost every competition they’ve entered.Almost, but not all. The US Navy passed over the Lockheed Martin/GA-ASI team offering the Mariner version of the Predator […]

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