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VIDEO: MV-22′s shining moment

Lt Col Romin Dasmalchi, former commanding officer of VMM-266, briefs reporters in Philadelphia on 6 June about the operation in which an MV-22 from his squadron rescued the crew of a Boeing F-15E that crashed in Libya.

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MV-22 ruins Memorial Day picnic

First day back from my work/holiday trip to Australia (okay, mostly work, but with a little time off at the end), and here’s the first thing I find in my Inbox:Ten people were injured, including a 1-year-old girl, by MV-22 downwash during a Memorial Day picnic yesterday on Staten Island. The New York Post has […]

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A “waste of time” hearing on V-22

Two US Marine Corps officers, visibly frustrated, conferred on a live microphone only moments after Rep Edolphus Towns closed a 3hr hearing on the alleged failings of the MV-22 Osprey. “This has been a waste of time,” Col Karsten Heckl, recently returned from Iraqi duty, said. That drew a sharp response from Lt Gen George […]

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US Marine Corps is FY10 budget survivor

Being ignored is not so bad sometimes. The US Marine Corps probably won’t complain about being mostly left out of Fiscal 2010 budget roll-out today. True, the USMC lost the VH-71 presidential helicopter. But other services lost the weapon systems most vital to their identity. The US Army lost every ground vehicle in Future Combat […]

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Breaking: Fifth V-22 with loose bolts points to design problem

Photo: US Air Force The good news is that shoddy maintenance is most likely not the cause of the “loose bolts” problem that prompted a precautionary grounding of the BellBoeing V-22 fleet earlier this week.The bad news: it’s starting to look more like a safety-critical design flaw, although the investigation is continuing. Click here to […]

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Marine Corps Aviation’s hard, ambitious road ahead

The excellent Worldwide War Pigs blog today forecasts the challenges awaiting the US Marine Corps’ scheduled entry-into-service for the F-35B in 2012, or up to two years before Lockheed Martin has finished testing it. With such an early IOC and SDD still in progress, this means that therewill be a lot of “mistake jets”. Where […]

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Crystal ball-gazing the X2′s military future

—————————-> With theSikorsky X2 prototype achieving first flight yesterday, it’s a good time to discussits military potential. The X2 isdesigned with a coaxial main rotor and an aft pusher propeller in order to breakthe conventional helicopter’s roughly 170-knot/hour speed barrier. And itsfly-by-wire controls and modern avionics are supposed to defeat the highvibration and high workload […]

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