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Photo oddity: Global Hawks go biplane

Our colleague Zach Rosenberg filed on the US Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency’s completion of a flight test programme intended to prove the viability of autonomous high-altitude refuelling involving unmanned air vehicles. Performed using a pair of NASA-owned Northrop Grumman RQ-4 Global Hawks, the activity showed that refuelling could have been successfully conducted during 60% […]

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NASA unveils new … (wait for it) … tailsitter!!! [Updated w/video]

Photo: Daily Press A NASA-led engineering team is unveiling a new aircraft design at an American Helicopter Society event in San Francisco. The 2pm PST presentation is entitled “aerodynamic and acoustic design of a low-noise tail-sitter“. The aircraft was profiled briefly this morning by the Daily Press newspaper, in NASA-Langley’s nearby city of Hampton, Virginia. […]

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Download cool X-15 poster on NASA web site

Who doesn’t love a really cool X-15 poster? Thanks to the folks at NASA for advertising this poster on Twitter this morning. You can download your own copy here, but here’s a peek.

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NASA goes Global Hawk

NASA will finally be able to play with the two RQ-4s that the agency received back in November. Don’t expect these two airframes to be the last RQ-4s transferred to a civil government customer. Also, pay attention to the last sentence of the second paragraph of the NASA press release excerpted below: “… expanded markets, […]

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