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VIDEO: Boeing unveils P-8 variant to replace JSTARS

Boeing wins the award for ‘surprise product unveiling’ at this year’s Air Warfare Symposium. I give you the P-8 airborne ground surveillance (AGS) variant, which Boeing is pitching to replace the E-8C JSTARS. (To see what Northrop Grumman has to say about that, read my full story.)The P-8 AGS mural above includes the first image […]

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My apologies to The Washington Post

R. Jeffery Jeffrey Smith’s sources might have been correct. The F-22 that crashed on March 25 could have been practicing an air-to-ground mission, as Smith reported. My blog on August 1 scolding Smith for a seemingly obvious factual error might itself be wrong. Of course, it wasn’t public knowledge until yesterday that Raytheon has converted […]

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AIM-9X goes slumming with air-to-surface mode

Photo: Tom Reynolds/US Air Force For fighter jocks, it continues to be a long way down to air-to-ground. Raytheon’s AIM-9X Sidewinder, the ultimate in high-tech dogfighting weapons, has been adapted to strike moving targets on the ground or water. The US Air Force wants the air-to-surface AIM-9X to give the Boeing F-15C a weapon for […]

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Raytheon job ad reveals big upgrade for Sky Warrior

Who needs a PR staff when you can just browse job ads for news? Consider this new ad posted by Raytheon seeking to hire a program manager in Dallas. Manager III-Program Management InNovember of 2007, the U.S. Army selected RTN to provide a common sensorpayload for manned and unmanned aircraft in a program that couldrepresent […]

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Caesar betrayed by an acronym

Et tu, Raytheon?The defense contractor intentionally misspelled a would-be namesake to make the acronym work for a new pod (pictured above) for unmanned aircraft systems. So Caesar, the Roman emperor/murder victim, became CEASAR, short for communications electronic attack with surveillance and reconnaissance. The pod, unveiled yesterday at the Association of Old Crows convention, re-packages the […]

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Random 5: Paris Air Show Day 1

So many briefings, interviews and exhibits, so little time. Completely absorbing the fire hose of data coming at you every day is sometimes a futile struggle. I’ve filed about eight news stories today for the Flight Daily News, but only scratched the surface of my notebook. Here’s a few random bits from today’s news. (I […]

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Florida fisherman hooks 2 live AIM-9 Sidewinders

Source: St Petersburg Times Talk about your fishing stories! Florida fisherman Solomon Rodney reeled in two apparently live AIM-9 missiles while fishing for grouper 785 feet below the surface about 50 miles south of Eglin AFB, according to the St. Petersburg Times. One missile featured an active camera and appeared live, so Rodney let it […]

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The KillerBee/Bat UAV story in one sentence

Here goes: Raytheon told me yesterday the company will continue to develop its version of the KillerBee unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) whose design was acquired and renamed Bat by Northrop Grumman on Monday, which occurred two years after Northrop severed its relationship with KillerBee-maker Swift Engineering, which then partnered with Raytheon to offer the KillerBee […]

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New ACS acquisition strategy favors Boeing’s position

Heads-up: the Aerial Common Sensor pre-solicitation notice is out (read here). The US Army has completely changed the acquisition strategy. Instead of a winner-takes-all, two competitive prototypes might battle for the integration contract all the way through low-rate initial production. I wrote a story in October suggesting this might happen (read here). Boeing was strongly […]

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EADS NA, Airbus no-show at EP-X Industry day

This is a surprise. Naval Air Systems Command hosts an industry day for the EP-X fleet. The Airbus A321 has been discussed as an alternative to the Boeing P-8B, a 737-based surveillance aircraft. But neither EADS North America nor Airbus appeared at the industry day on 20 November, according to this list of attendees. Northrop […]

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