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Spotted: Raytheon’s Anti-Northrop Grumman Radar (RANGR)

A nice person from Raytheon handed me a brochure this morning on the company’s AESA fighter radars. I usually file such documents straight into the wastebasket, but this one got my attention. You can look it up here. On page 2, you’ll find a silhouette of an F-16 with a radar pictured in the nose […]

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JCA: Just Confusing Aircraft

The plot continues to thicken on the mystery of the Joint Cargo Aircraft contract. As I reported in Flight International magazine this week, I have received three different official estimates for cost and aircraft quantity, The joint programme office says the contract will cost $2 billion to buy 78 aircraft. L-3 Communications, the selected prime […]

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AGM-129A: Unretired?

Is the AGM-129A — the US Air Force’s only stealthy cruise missile with a nuclear warhead — dead or not? This post by the Federation of American Scientists blog on March 7 says yes. But this solicitation by the US Air Force on April 27 would seem to indicate otherwise. The air force says it […]

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