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Red Flag role highlights Gripen’s evolution

Big thanks to writer and photographer Gunnar Ã…kerberg for filing and illustrating an ace feature in the new issue of Flight International about the Swedish air force’s involvement in exercise Red Flag 13-2 earlier this year. Eight Gripen Cs from the 172nd Fighter Squadron made the long trek from Ronneby air base to Nellis AFB, […]

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#DXB09: Sheikh rattles Aermacchi, gets rolled by F-22

The DEW Line pal and frequent commenter Airpower stayed on-scene in Dubai long after many of his less-patient mates in the trade press flew off, regretfully including your blogger.Lucky that Airpower stayed. He posted two comments on my blog last night that solves the mystery about what happened at the Ministry of Defense’s surprise 3pm […]

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Infamous YouTube star Fornof re-appears in pro-F-22 article

We last heard from Col Terrence Fornof on YouTube in November, after he infamously assessed the foreign participants at Red Flag 2008.I just spotted Fornof again in a great article posted online today by The Atlantic. In the article, “The Last Ace”, Black Hawk Down author Mark Bowden takes up the cause of preserving F-22 […]

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Indian anger grows over “offensive” USAF comments

This is becoming a real international incident. I thought Colonel Terrence Fornof actually praised the Indian Air Force several times in his YouTube speech. The Indians certainly came off better than the French! But, as you can see, the Indian press isn’t really taking the high road on this one. This story came out today.

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‘Red Flag’ official apologises to IAF

Now Red Flag is apologizing to the Indian Air Force for the unwitting YouTube remarks of USAF F-15 pilot Colonel Terrence Fornof. (Click here to watch Fornof’s rant.) In a letter to AirHeadquarters, an official of the Red Flag said it was the personal viewof the USAF pilot talking in the clip and not of […]

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