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How real is F136 fixed-price offer?

I’m paid to be a professional skeptic. When General Electric/Rolls-Royce announced a fixed-price deal for the F136 [pictured above], my radar starts looking for the loopholes. As I wrote in my news article yesterday, the GE/Rolls Fighter Engine Team, to their credit, acknowledged their offer came with two strings attached. If the Department of Defense […]

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House approps: Today’s winners and losers

Here’s a quick summary of the aerospace winners and losers from today’s mark-up of the defense budget by the House appropriations subcommittee on defense. The press release above can also be downloaded at this site. The House appropriators mark-up follows previous votes by the authorizing committees of the House and Senate. The Senate appropriators have […]

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Random 5: Rolls-Royce foresees big F-35 power upgrade in 2020

This morning I interviewed Dennis Jarvi, head of military engine programs for Rolls-Royce. It was quite a newsy interview, as you’ll see below. Here are 5 random data points from my notebook as I continue to write to report the news article. 1. The US Air Force is discussing changing the focus of the ADVENT […]

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Is P&W’s F135 crystal ball half-full — or half-empty?

Pratt & Whitney is building capacity to produce a maximum of 120 F135 engines in 2016 to support the Lockheed Martin F-35 programme, Pratt & Whitney military executive Tom Farmer told my colleague John Croft last week. I think that’s an interesting data point as Congress debates the future of the F136, the General Electric […]

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HELI-EXPO: R-R lifts veil on Eurocopter “X3″ high-speed prototype

The pseudo-race to develop a high-speed helicopter just got a little more interesting. My colleague John Croft, attending the Heli-Expo in Long Beach, cajoled a confirming quote from Rolls-Royce about a secretive new Eurocopter concept called the X3. [Sikorsky already grabbed X2 for its high-speed prototype. Hmm -- Anybody know who got the X1?] The […]

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The turbofan: Not dead yet

The ducted turbofan jet engine, the world’s most efficient machine, is now 43 years old. General Electric introduced the TF39 in 1965 to power the mammoth Lockheed C-5A. This now ubiquitous source of power for aircraft would seem to be a “mature” (read: dead) technology, closed to new opportunities for innovation. Whether the goal is […]

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