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Russian Knights crash overshadows Sukhoi mega-deal at MAKS

The Russian Air Force will reportedly award a $1.9 billion deal for 60 Sukhoi fighters at the MAKS 2009 air show this week outside Moscow. News of the blockbuster deal — by Russian terms — was overshadowed by a fatal mid-air collision during airshow warm-ups that killed Russian Knights commander Col Igor Tkachenko and put […]

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US analyst: F-35 beats Russia’s best

The F-35s prowess has been taking a beating, especially on this blog. Rand’s “baby seals” report in September clubbed the F-35 as the “can’t turn, can’t climb and can’t run” fighter. Even the infamous YouTube video of the US Air Force officer describing Red Flag contained an implied insult of the F-22′s kid brother.Of course, […]

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Russian Air Force after Georgia, part 1

Flight’s Moscow correspondent Vladimir Karnozov guest-blogs this week with a five-part after action report on the Georgia Air War, obviously from the Russian perspective. Karnozov is kindly filling in while this blogger is traveling all week on an assignment. Here’s part 1. Russia  to increase military spending. What will themoney go for? Russian president Dmitry […]

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