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Another Chinese fighter breaks cover

Our good friend and Singapore-based colleague Greg Waldron filed a story this morning about the emergence of another new Chinese combat aircraft, which appears to pull together design features from both the Lockheed Martin F-22 Raptor and F-35 Joint Strike Fighter; although that of course could be entirely coincidental. Shenyang’s product is referred to with a […]

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PICTURE: China’s Wind Blade UAV revealed

What was the joke around the office almost the instant after Iran announced possession of an RQ-170 Sentinel?“Look for the RQ-170 copy at the Zhuhai [air show] next year.”If you’ll forgive the streak of cynicism, it seemed at the time like a fair swipe at the reverse-engineering skills and loose intellectual property safeguards in both […]

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IMAGES: Shenyang “F-60″, UCAV stealth models revealed?

It’s been nine months since the first grainy images of the Chengdu J-20 sneaked out of China on 24 December, but perhaps it’s time to add another Chinese stealth fighter to the club. And a new UCAV.  And a new UAV. First, meet the Shenyang F-60 (shown above). This scale model appeared on this Chinese […]

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PHOTO: Baby UCAV flies in China?

A new photo on sinodefenseforum and Secret Projects appears to show China’s first stealthy unmanned combat air vehicle (UCAV). One view on these forums guesses this image may reveal a new, subscale, 2m-wingspan demonstrator by Shenyang, one of China’s three historic fighter makers along with Chengdu and Xian. Others speculate that it could be merely […]

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VIDEO: Chinese internet ‘leaks’ J-15 take-off

Following the script set by the J-20 four months ago, newly-leaked photos of the Chinese Shenyang J-15 naval fighter that appeared earlier this week have been followed up with newly-leaked film showing the aircraft in taxi and take-off modes. All that’s missing is a coinciding visit to China by Secretary of Defense Robert Gates. Perhaps […]

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