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SEOUL AIR SHOW: Is that a new F-15 helmet?

South Korea is the first country to see a next-generation helmet-mounted cuing system (JHMCS) for the Boeing F-15. It will be offered to the Republic of Korea Air Force with the F-15SE Silent Eagle for the F-XIII contract. The Elbit Systems-Rockwell Collins joint venture VSI unveiled the JHMCS II at the Seoul Air Show this […]

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SEOUL AIR SHOW: Boeing sexes up F-15 Silent Eagle for ROKAF

You’re the marketing guy. It’s between your aircraft, the Boeing F-15 Silent Eagle, and the Lockheed Martin F-35. The latter is the latest fifth-generation fighter to hit the market and the former is the last and, perhaps, ultimate expression of a 40-year-old fighter series. You fear the Republic of Korea Air Force really wants the […]

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FARN10: Fox-3 for F-15 Silent Eagle

Boeing vice president and general manager Shelley Lavender narrates as video of the F-15 Silent Eagle missile launch test is shown to reporters at the Farnborough Air Show today. Keep a sharp eye our for the last few seconds of the video. The next slide in Lavender’s presentation shows the latest big upgrade for the […]

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F-15 flies with conformal weapons bay

Source: Boeing It’s not quite the F-15 Silent Eagle, but it’s a big start.Boeing has flown the company-owned F-15E1 testbed sporting a conformal fuel tank modified into an internal weapons bay. A second flight will ferry the aircraft to Point Mugu, California. On the third and final flight in the series, the F-15E1 will fire […]

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Boeing ditches V-tail for first F-15 Silent Eagles

Last March, Boeing unveiled the V-tailed F-15 Silent Eagle. The idea was to offer a “stealthy” F-15 that could be used in a first-day-of-war scenario, penetrating protected airspace undetected. The idea also involves adding an internal weapons bay by modifying the F-15′s conformal fuel tank, adding radar absorbent materials to the forward fuselage and cockpit […]

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F-35 hearts Seoul

Lockheed Martin has doubled-down on its F-35 proposal to South Korea, my colleague in Singapore Siva Govindasamy reports.To steal a contract that presumably favors Boeing’s V-tailed F-15 Silent Eagle, Lockheed sales veep Steve O’Bryan made the following promises at the Seoul Air Show last week: Delivery slots in 2014 Second-tier supplier deals Final assembly role […]

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F-15 Silent Eagle: The Movie

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Sneak peek: Flight cover on ‘stealthy’ F-15 Silent Eagle

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