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That other stealthy, jet-powered UAV from Palmdale

When General Atomics Aeronautical Systems Inc (GA-ASI) unveiled the Avenger last spring, it seemed the entrepreneurial outfit that has made a fortune selling Predators and Reapers to the US Air Force had once again beaten the competition to a lucrative new market: stealthy, jet-powered, tactical-level unmanned aircraft systems.Well, now we know the US Air Force […]

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Skunk Works unveils MQ-X UAS concept at #AFA09

Lockheed Martin’s Skunk Works today division unveiled this aircraft concept at the Air Force Association’s annual convention in Washington DC. The USAF plans to buy the MQ-X to augment and replace the MQ-1 Predator and MQ-9 Reaper unmanned aerial systems (UAS). I snapped this picture of the Skunks’ MQ-X concept on display in their exhibit […]

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Lockheed Martin to build the mother of all airborne radars [UPDATED W/PHOTO]

Source: Skunk Works Lockheed Martin will build a demonstrator airship with a massive radar system called the Integrated Sensor is Structure (ISIS) under a $400 million contract awarded today by the US Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency.While I write the rest of the news story, please peruse the ISIS program overview that DARPA provided to […]

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PHOTO: Skunk Works reveals composite cargo X-plane

Illustration courtesy of Lockheed Martin/Skunk Works The most important thing about Skunk Works’ latest X-plane — the Advanced Composite Cargo Aircraft (ACCA) — is its raw material. The fact that ACCA is a cargo aircraft is secondary. The modified Fairchild Dornier 328Jet is really a flying laboratory for a new type of out-of-autoclave composite material, […]

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My visit inside Skunk Works

Photo by Stephen Trimble PALMDALE, Calif. — I suppose getting invited to enter Skunk Works shouldn’t make much sense. The secret-squirrel types like it that way. You can ask the public relations office repeatedly for several years, as I did, for a site visit, and get nowhere. Then one day you ask for a phone […]

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Did Skunk Works rip off Eagle Eye?

Skunk Works deserves credit for several of the world’s most amazing and successful aerospace projects: SR-71, U-2, C-130, F-117, F-104, etc, etc. Clearly, the Skunk Works publicity department has no need to embellish the record.That’s why this poster on the Skunk Works web site makes me so curious. Check out the aircraft pictured in the […]

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VIDEO: Meet the Skunk Works’ Stalker

Skunk Works designed the Stalker UAV in 2006 for a classified customer (read more). Since then, we haven’t heard a lot about it. Thankfully, a promo video was posted on YouTube yesterday. (Spoiler alert: In the end, the swarthy Arab-looking guys with the car bomb get caught. Not clear why special forces are deployed in […]

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Must-see video on Skunk Works’ stealth

Great short video documentary here on stealth featuring Allan Brown, Lockheed Martin’s program manager and chief engineer for the F-117 stealth fighter.Some of you might remember the short video documentary I posted here a few months ago on Paul Bevilaqua, the Lockheed Martin engineer who invented the shaft-driven lift fan for the F-35B fighter.

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