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Scott O’Grady wouldn’t have been shot down if …

[Correction: Updating version with F-16, not F-117.]Maj Gen David Scott yesterday greatly added to the unclassified record of the F-117 F-16 shoot-down over Bosnia 14 years ago. Addressing the Association of Old Crows convention, Scott, air staff requirements director, says Capt O’Grady’s fighter was shot down because the USAF failed to install a piece of […]

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Boeing shows off sexy new fighter concept

SAINT LOUIS, Missouri — Boeing Phantom Works has revealed a new concept image for an F/A-XX fighter to replace the F/A-18E/F fleet after about 10-15 more years. The two-seat, twin-engine, tailless concept is advertised in the chart below as a “sixth-generation” fighter. The notional — and evolving — definition for a sixth-generation includes such technologies […]

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The Aircraft that Could Have Made History

This post is written by Will Horton, Flight’s Washington, D.C. intern.Sunday night the National Geographic channel premiers its documentary “Hitler’s Stealth Fighter”.Hitler? Stealth? Fighter?Modern stealth aircraft design did not start until the 1970s, but this documentary aims to find out if Nazis Germany developed stealth techniques three decades earlier.In the Battle of Britain during the […]

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Sneak peek: Flight cover on ‘stealthy’ F-15 Silent Eagle

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F-35′s AA-1 preps for supersonic flight later today

If all goes well, the AA-1 prototype will break the sound barrier for the first time later today. It would be the first supersonic flight for the Joint Strike Fighter program since Lockheed Martin’s famed “Mission X” in 2001, which may have clinched the competition. Mission X had the STOVL X-35C complete a short-takeoff roll, […]

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F-35: now available as star attraction at corporate parties

Dubbed simply “the jet fighter”, this scaled replica of the F-35 by Dutch entertainer/music artist Arthur van Poppel probably won’t be summoned to defend the Taiwan Straits. But it won’t need to. With features including smoke-, water- and confetti-effects, this party-horse will be good for all kinds of other events. For example, van Poppel suggests […]

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